Booster V

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The NEW E-TWOW Booster V is a new version of the Booster Electric Scooter from E-Twow celebrating 5 years since the first Booster was born.

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The new 2018 E-Twow model is here!
The Booster V has the strongest battery an ewow E-scooter ever had! A powerful Samsung 10.5Ah battery speeds up the Etwow up to 34 km / h!

For the 5 year anniversary there is a new strong E-Twow Booster, the V model. Thanks to the new Samsung Battery 10.5Ah accelerates not only the Booster V fast but also has a top speed of up to 34km / h. Also, the range is 40km higher than the Booster S2 (at an average speed of 20km / h).

The name E-Twow stands for “Electric Two Wheel” and is pronounced like E2.

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